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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Testing solution and automation

Our Services

Led Intensity Testing

We have designed a Functional Testing Setup to test the LED intensity within 10 seconds. There are two types of setup to test LED intensity. The first one is with system software and the second one is a stand-alone jig. We customize the FCT solution based on the customer's requirements.

Colour Sensor integration / Feasa LED Analyzer

We have sucessfully integrated the FEASA LED analyzer with our Functional Testing setup. Our system can integrate as many FEASA as required for the testing. Our software algorithm efficiently calculate RGB value, color temperature, wavelength, etc

jig with feasa.jpeg

Research and Development based FCT Solution

Our team also undergoes Research and development to enhance and reduce the testing time for customer. We design and create test method to test all the parameter of PCB .

open box.jpeg

Multi-Programmer Software and FCT

We have designed multi-programmer software which can program more than one controller with different HEX files automatically. Our Software can be integrated with Renesas, Microchip, STM, and other microcontrollers. We provide flexibility like Programming and FCT in Single Setup, Just a click of the button.

stm programmer.png

STM Programmer
ST Link V2


Renesas Programmer
E2 Lite


Microchip Programmer
Pickit 4

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our FCT solution can be integrated with any hardware and sensors which has .Net support. This modular design enables us to provide more flexible and dynamic solutions as per the customer's requirements.

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